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Véron Champagne Guide 2013

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Véron Champagne Guide 2013

From pleasure and emotion
Véron Champagne Guide 2013

First, the result of a rigorous selection, since only one out of five tasted Champagne is retained, this guide aims to Champagnes highlight Champagnes very high quality, excellent value for money, and provide an intense pleasure to taste. 66 These Champagnes are a local, a real know-how, and / or a passion. They are the result of a thoughtful process, which is often accompanied by a citizen behavior.

Here, no ranking, hierarchy, notes, tastings "blind", meant to reassure the reader, and to be a sign of honesty and accuracy. How to score a pleasure, an emotion? No, simply "Hot heart" translating felt by tasters who, on the contrary, the maximum information about the wine tasted, to better understand emotions in its entirety.

The objective is clearly to put the Champagne in its proper place, to consider it as a cultural product, author, and not to belittle the status of common consumer goods, which would be equipped with performance that could measure objectively.

This guide to Champagne, directed by Michel Veron, professor of oenology at the Wine High School of Champagne, with students BTS Technical Sales in Wines and Spirits, in an original and ambitious educational project, proves especially a practical tool, essential for both professionals and wine lovers. It is an opportunity for a real initiation and sensory journey through the essential fabulous terroir of Champagne, Champagne for future professionals. The completion of this guide, and the organization of its now traditional "Evening large vintages of Champagne", in April, during which Heads cellar are themselves present their exceptional Champagnes (price higher 100 € per bottle) to a professional audience, allows students to acquire a unique and rewarding experience: following tastings, when writing comments, the producer of each selected Champagne questioned his practical techniques .


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