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Machines of the grapevine and the wine

This rubriqe is carried out by Cyrille DELOZANNE, Professor of agro-equipment to the Wine High School of Champagne. It consists of interactive Flash animations and vidéos, relating mainly to the equipment related on the control of the vineyard and the development of the wine in cellar. These productions are intended for all the public ones informed or not, to enable them to include/understand their operation but also sometimes quite simply for the pleasure of the eyes. This heading has to evolve/move and to grow rich by new animations.

La reading of this animation requires the installation of Flash player on your computer. You can download this software free here :

Behaviour of the Vineyard
Engine hydraulic tractor
Maintenance of the wine soil
Elaboration du vin
Wine pomps
Thermal regulation
Fermenting room
Alternating current
Electric motor
Commissioning of an installation


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